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Our Patients  Experience

"Thank God for Rachel - need I say more! She is thorough, kind and very knowledgeable. We sooooo appreciate her assistance."
- Undisclosed Patient's Daughter


"The family thanks all of Pete's doctors, most notably Dr. Brandon Reed and Dr. Daniel Morgan. Their empathy, compassion and care for Pete as he faced his medical challenges and end of life choices was extraordinary."
- Patient Family Member's

"Dr. Tran is amazing! Working with him is a great experience. He is fantastic at looking at the person behind the patient and customize the plan to fit each persons needs. Smart AND a great bedside manner?? This is your guy."
Phillip Gwost

"I wanted to thank Premier Hospitalists for providing us with wonderful medical care. Jane Armstrong was here for a visit yesterday. Her compassion, expertise, options offered with full explanations makes health care so much easier and available. As we age it is often difficult to navigate the system so I appreciate this awesome benefit!"
Current Patient

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