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Patient Feedback

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Premier Hospitalists of Kansas is dedicated to providing quality care in an efficient manner, and we would like to know how we are doing. We invite you to share compliments, comments, complaints, and concerns with us. Premier Hospitalists of Kansas uses this information to improve our services and care that we provide our patients. We appreciate any feedback to improve our practices as an organization and as individual medical professionals.

Please send us feedback and comments using the form below.  Please share your story to help, inspire, and inform others.  If you need more information regarding your visit or have questions about the care you received with Premier Hospitalists of Kansas, please contact us at (316) 755-0144 or visit our Contact page. 

Do you feel the physician/advanced practice provider listened to your health concerns?
Did the physician/advanced practice provider explain things in a way you could easily understand?
Were all of your questions answered adequately?
Do you feel the physician/advanced practice provider created an effective care plan upon your dismissal?
Overall, how do you feel your physician/advanced practice provider cared for you?
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